Neighbour Turns Enemy (Feather Series)

Ndereba Andy Muthamia

NAM Publishers

Neighbour Turns Enemy (Feather Series)

Neighbour turns Enemy, is a well written book by an experienced writer of short stories for children, particularly in the “Daily Nation,” and other various local magazines. Mr. Kamau, who never went to school, discovers that not all his neighbours were as good as he thought. Some of them took advantage of his situation as he found out later. One time, Mr. Kamau received a letter from his children living away in the city. He took it to one of the neighbours to read for him. Instead of his neighbour reading the correct message in the letter, he decides to cook his own message for reasons best known to him. Mr. Kamau learns the importance of education and learns to read.

Creation date: 2018-03-16

20 Pages


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