The Brave Little Wildebeest

Charles Okoth

Pine Publishers Ltd

The Brave Little Wildebeest

The Brave Little Wildebeest is an interesting story about a young wildebeest known as Mulongo. One day, when grazing in the Maasai Mara plains with his mother, Nabwire, they are attacked. In this attack, Mulongo witnesses a lioness killing his mother. He, however, survives. Out of motherly instincts and love, Nabwire had made sure that Mulongo was out of harm’s way. Mulongo is then adopted by a foster mother but what he had seen happening to his mother keeps troubling him. He starts enquiring from the older wildebeests why they have to accept death in the hands of predators such as lions, even when they are many. Mulongo believes that, as wildebeests, they have a right to live and that they can fight back the lions and win. The other animals are shocked to hear Mulongo’s ideas. Even their leader, a big bull, cannot believe it. Despite their doubts and worries, Mulongo eventually proves that they can resist the lions and lead a happy life. Read on and find out what happened and how Mulongo was eventually made the chief of the wildebeests at such a young age.

Creation date: 2018-03-12

25 Pages

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