The Trickster and His Friend

Charles Okoth

Pine Publishers Ltd

The Trickster and His Friend

The Trickster and His Friend is a captivating story about a conman known as Wanga, and his friend Odongo. Wanga is arrested for conning some people in his hometown. He is then taken to a police station together with his friend Odongo, who is his accomplice. While going to the station, Odongo starts playing a trick on the police officers and those who had been conned. They reach the police station but Odongo’s trick manages to get them out of the place. Part of the trick involves Wanga again defrauding the same people he had cheated before. This time round, he even cons the police officer in charge of the station. They are then set free, and they run away from their hometown. However, their luck eventually runs out when the conned police officer and his group realize that they have been cheated. Read the story and find out what Wanga and Odongo had done, which tricks they used at the police station, how they fled their hometown, and how they were eventually rearrested.

Creation date: 2018-03-12

43 Pages

This book is no longer available for Worldreader BLUE Box.


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