Drama Club Mystery (Carter High Mysteries)

Eleanor Robins

Saddleback Educational Publishing

Drama Club Mystery (Carter High Mysteries)

Carter High is a typical high school. The students of Carter attend classes, participate in sports and drama, cram for exams, and go on field trips. Topics are involving and pertinent to young adult readers but with a twist of mystery. In just 48-pages, even your struggling readers can easily finish these eBooks! During rehearsal, someone wearing a clown costume is seen next to the ticket money box. Soon, Mrs. Scott realizes that the money is missing. Did the clown take it? Did someone else? Logan's dream of being the star fades, as many at Carter High believe he took the ticket money. Can he prove that there was more than one person in a clown costume that day?

Creation date: 2018-02-23

48 Pages

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