Satans and Shaitans

Set against the backdrop of Nigeria’s ongoing terrorism tensions, Satans and Shaitans tells the story of two powerful men, Chief Donald Amechi and world acclaimed televangelist, Chris Chuba, both members of the internationally renowned Sacred Order of the Universal Forces. Members of the Order from Southern Nigeria, desperate to gain control of their country, deceive an Islamic terrorist organization into carrying out attacks in order to undermine and overrule the Nigerian President, a northerner, by convincing them that their plans would help to bring about Islamic rule, all the while setting them up for failure.
Amidst this turmoil, Evangelist Chuba’s daughter, Adeline, falls deeply in love with young naïve artist Donaldo Amechi, the only son of the Chief. The two try to keep their love hidden from their controlling parents, but when the Chief secretly finds out about the relationship, the Sacred Order demands that the Evangelist sacrifice his daughter. Adeline goes missing and is eventually found murdered, however it is soon revealed that the men sent to carry out the sacrifice were killed in a car accident before they could reach her, leaving the Chief and the Evangelist with the terrifying mystery of what really happened to the young girl.
The death of Adeline and the search for her murderer takes the story into the very hearts of corruption in the Nigerian security forces and the government. The story takes the reader into the state of Islam and Christianity in Nigeria, suicide bombings, family secrets, betrayals, political assassinations, and treachery. It is a novel of morality, choices and consequences, political and religious powers, terrorism and jihad.

Creation date: 2017-06-14

368 Pages

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