You Smile Again

YOU SMILE AGAIN is a book that should be in homes and schools because it is a tool that helps parents and teachers when a death happens in the life of a child regardless of their religious beliefs.
Sooner or later, we all face the death of a beloved one and, unfortunately, children are not an exception. It is in these moments when adults, sometimes overwhelmed with the same sorrow, face the reality of not knowing what to tell the children. The adult himself has problems processing his grief, and the child goes through the days with a distress he doesn’t know how long will it take or if someday it will stop hurting.
No child should face the sadness that the death of a loved one brings, without having a prior preparation showing him that what he feels is a temporary state.
Death and sadness are natural situations of life. Children have the right to know what the meaning of these states of life before facing a sudden experience. This is why it is important to have tools to help both, parents and teachers.

Creation date: 2017-03-28

42 Pages

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