Bunwas (KPE Reading Scheme 6A)

Yasmin Khatri

Longhorn Publishers

Bunwas (KPE Reading Scheme 6A)

Bunwas is a collection of five exciting stories. In the stories, the intelligent Bunwas helps people overcome their difficulties. He also outwits those who think they are clever. If a story has never made you laugh, these stories will surely make you laugh and read all day long.

Bunwas is the first story in a series of six supplementary class readers to be used with Keynote Primary English, a new primary-English course designed for the new syllabus. The class readers will be useful with any course book and can also be read for pleasure outside the classroom setting.

The other readers for Standard Six are: Ndigiri and His Friends (6B), Nana’s Eyes (6C), The Great Girl (6D), Koi and the Dirty Road (6E), and This Country Is My Country (6F).

Creation date: 2017-02-20

31 Pages


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