TJ and the Fourth Formers

Anne Gathuo

Kenya Literature Bureau

TJ and the Fourth Formers

This is the fourth book in the TJ series. The girls are now in Form Four and are busy preparing for their KCSE examinations. Sister Marian, the School Head, arranges for the Form Four's to go out camping during school holidays. The girls are expected to use the time to relax and reflect on their forth-coming exams and their subsequent careers. Their teachers will use the time for career guidance and counselling.

Unfortunately, there is a bad accident on the last day of the camp which leaves Ms Nyambura and Marsha unconscious and June with a broken leg. TJ also breaks her arm. However, she still takes care of the injured. What will become of Ms Nyambura and Marsha? Will help arrive in realising her dream of matching Ms Nyambura with her widowed father? Only time will tell...

Creation date: 2016-08-17

82 Pages


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