Rescue! (Best Reads)

Michelle Faure


Rescue! (Best Reads)

As soon as Zolani felt safe enough he stepped out from behind the tree and walked quickly and quietly across the open veld towards the building. As he moved closer, he ran from shadow to shadow, until he reached the warehouse. He was horrified by what he saw…
It’s school holidays and Zolani is bored. Next door he sees his neighbour, Fulani, has a cute new puppy. When he overhears Fulani arranging an illegal dogfight in an abandoned warehouse, he decides to try and stop him. But he can’t do it alone. He plucks up courage to ask his bossy classmate, Tashnay, who always has an answer for everything. Will their bravery and team work be enough to stop the gang and rescue the dogs from a cruel fate?

Creation date: 2016-04-05

51 Pages


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