Kofi Lé Asrãdɔ (Kofi Has Malaria) (Ewe) (Yellow Book 4)

Barbara Baddoo

Sam-Woode Ltd.

Kofi Lé Asrãdɔ (Kofi Has Malaria) (Ewe) (Yellow Book 4)

Key words readers
Upper Nursery and Lower Primary children will love these colourful readers. Using contextual and picture clues they will find SWL KEY WORDS READERS both stimulating and enjoyable. Phonic training is also included. The children will enjoy following Kofi, his family, and his friends in their everyday activities, quickly mastering lots of commonly-used KEY words.
Titles in the Yellow Books series are:-
* Yellow Book 1 - SPORTS DAY
* Yellow Book 2 - STORY TIME
* Yellow Book 3 - AT THECOCOAFARM
* Yellow Book 4 - KOFI HAS MALARIA
* Yellow Book 5 - VOWELS & CONSONANTS
* Yellow Book 6 - THE BIG ROCK
Titles in the Green Books series are:-
* Green Book 1 - HELLO!
* Green Book 2 - COME AND PLAY
* Green Book 3 - WAKE UP!
* Green Book 4 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY
* Green Book 5 - LEARN YOUR ABC
* Green Book 6 - AT THE BEACH

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Creation date: 2015-10-16

28 Pages


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