In a Brown Mantle

Peter Nazareth obtained his B.A. Honours in English in the then Makerere University College in 1959, where he was editor of PENPOINT for five years. He then went to Leeds University, England, where he obtained a postgraduate Diploma in English Studies.
Nazareth has been a prolific contributor of critical articles and reviews of Literary Journals. He has also written radio and stage plays. His book Literature and Society in Africa, is a collection of essays on Ngugi, Okelo Oculi, Barbara Kimenye, Garlin, Mang’ua, Rubadiri, Soyinka, Naipaul, Conred and others.
In a Brown Mantle is an analysis of the weaknesses and strengths of political systems in post independent Africa.
The theme is presented with a frank confident style, permeated with a humour which makes the novel delightful to read.

Creation date: 2015-10-15

138 Pages


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