Willy Goes To The Farm

Stacey Ann BeitlerÕs Willy Goes to the Farm is a childrenÕs story of love tolerance and recognizing the unique talents of others. Children all over the world sing about Old MacÕs farm. Quacks moos and oinks are just a few of the sounds that echo all day long at the farm. Old MacÕs farm is a magical place where animals live and play all day long! A rabbit hops over to the farm one day. Everyone knows that rabbits donÕt make any kind of sound but maybe there could be some other way for Rabbit to live on Old MacÕs farm. Although Rabbit canÕt make a sound he does have a special talent and so he stays. When word gets out about RabbitÕs success animals of every kind from far and wide show up wanting to reveal their own special talents and live on the farm. Willy the Worm decides to go to Old MacÕs farm to cheer on his cousin the snake. Everyone knows that a worm certainly canÕt make any sounds. Why Willy canÕt even think of one thing he can do! How will he ever be allowed to stay? As Willy begins to head home he is surprised when Mrs. Mac offers him the opportunity to stay. She and the other animals help Willy discover that he does have a talent and that he is very special. What is WillyÕs talent and will he find a new home with new friends? BeitlerÕs tale has colorful and imaginative characters with a delightful story that children will want to revisit time and time again. She expertly incorporates childlike wonder with important lessons about self esteem and acceptance.

Creation date: 2015-06-06

30 Pages

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