Be a Sales Superstar

Brian Tracy


Be a Sales Superstar

Brian Tracy shares the most important principles for sales success he has discovered in 30 years of training more than a half million sales professionals in 23 countries.

Based on TracyŠ—Ès detailed discussions with top salespeople and his keen observation of their methods, as well as his own experiences as a record-breaking salesman, these guidelines address both the inner game of sellingŠ—”the mental componentŠ—”and the outer game of sellingŠ—”the methods and techniques of actually making the sale.

Concise and action-oriented, Be a Sales Superstar is a handbook for busy sales professionals, providing key ideas and techniques that will immediately increase your effectiveness and boost your results.

Brian Tracy shows you how to:

Š—¢ Get more and better appointments, easier;
Š—¢ Build high rapport in the first few minutes;
Š—¢ Make better, more effective sales presentations
Š—¢ Close more sales faster than ever before

Apply TracyŠ—Ès 21 great ways to be a superstar salesperson, and your success in selling will become unlimited.

Creation date: 2015-05-29

174 Pages

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