No More Regrets!

Mark Muchnick


No More Regrets!

Why do we have regretsŠ—”and what can we do about it?

We all want to live a life without regrets. Whenever we do something we wish we hadnŠ—ÈtŠ—”or donŠ—Èt do something we wish we hadŠ—”we vow it wonŠ—Èt happen again. But why do we have regrets in the first place?

Because we become prisoners of habit and circumstance, we take people in our lives for granted and fail to be true to ourselves. We stop growing and learning, become self-absorbed and judgmental, and lose touch with our innate goodness. Inspired by his final conversation with a dying friend, Marc MuchnickŠ—Ès No More Regrets! is specifically designed to help you avoid these pitfalls.

Just one or two of the thirty ways to greater happiness and meaning outlined here could potentially change your life. MuchnickŠ—Ès suggestions are straightforward, thoughtful, and easy to implementŠ—”often just a matter of shifting perspective and seeing the world differently. He illustrates each with a moving personal story and includes a Š—“No More Regrets! Game PlanŠ— tool to help you banish regret from your life forever.

Creation date: 2015-05-29

169 Pages

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