What Your Doctor Hasn't Told You and the Health-Store Clerk Doesn't Know

Edward Schneider

Penguin (Penguin Random House)

What Your Doctor Hasn't Told You and the Health-Store Clerk Doesn't Know

Millions of Americans turn to alternative medicine to treat chronic health problems when conventional medicine fails. Yet few doctors-or health store clerks and alternative practitioners-know what treatments are safe and effective. In this book, Edward Schneider, a leading researcher and clinician at the University of Southern California, arms readers with an overview of the latest medical research, then offers a proven formula for the best integrative therapy available to treat the most common health issues. From supplements and herbs, to acupuncture and yoga, What Your Doctor Hasn't Told You and the Health Store Clerk Doesn't Know outlines the myriad therapies used for:

- sleep problems
- joint, back, and neck pain
- depression and anxiety
- PMS and menopause
- prostate health
- heart disease and cancer
- memory loss, and more

An authoritative yet friendly guide, complete with hard-to-find dosage guidelines and advice on what therapies are just not worth your money, and packed with the type of information readers can take to the health store aisles and to their doctor, this book is essential reading for anyone considering alternative remedies

Creation date: 2015-03-05

288 Pages

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Restricted to Sub-Saharan Africa (Except South Africa)


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