Who am I? The Story of Barack Obama

Phyllis Andrews

East African Educational Publishers

Who am I? The Story of Barack Obama

This book, used in more than 600 schools in the US, is a biography of Barack Obama for elementary school children. Using color photographs and text, it tells how Obama struggled to define himself as a black child in a white world. Starting with his birth to a white mother and a black Kenyan father, it follows the fascinating story from his early life in Hawaii to his move to Indonesia and the rich cultural differences he experienced there. Children will be intrigued by the way Obama dealt with his return to Hawaii at age ten as an outsider. They will learn how he managed to surmount many odds to become President of the United States. This is an inspirational story for children of all backgrounds. The color photographs of Obama as a child and throughout his life allow children to understand and identify with the 44th President. This book can be read by children as young as seven but is appreciated as a photo biography by children in the upper elementary grades. The actual reading level is grade 3-4.

Creation date: 2015-01-20

36 Pages


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