A Bird on Water Street

Elizabeth O. Dulemba

Little Pickle Press

A Bird on Water Street

When the birds return to Water Street, will anyone be left to hear them sing?

A Bird on Water Street is a coming of age story about Jack, a boy growing up in a Southern Appalachian town environmentally devastated by a century of poor copper-mining practices and pollution. Jack is opposed to the mine where so many of his relatives have died, but how can he tell that to his Dad who wants him to follow in the family trade? Jack just wants his dad safe and the land returned to its pre-mining glory with trees, birds, frogs, and nature--like he's learning about in school. After Jack's uncle is killed in a mining accident and the Company implements a massive layoff, the union organizes and the miners go on strike. It seems Jack's wish is coming true. But the cost may be the ruin of his home and everything he loves.

A Southern Independent Booksellers Association (SIBA) Spring OKRA PICK

Creation date: 2014-12-28

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