Bafana Bafana

One boy’s journey to see his favorite soccer player in action becomes an uplifting song to the South African spirit

A modern-day folktale set in the heart of South Africa, Bafana Bafana is the story of Pelé, an eleven-year-old village boy whose dream is to see his soccer team play. Such a dream is considered crazy for a boy from the distant outback, but Pelé is far from ordinary; determined to see his favorite player, Sibusiso Zuma, play live, Pelé treks hundreds of kilometers to the jostling, jiving Cape Town. From the dangers of townships, the incredible story of Nelson Mandela, and the magic of a local medicine man, Bafana Bafana is a joyous and lively tale about following your dreams, even in the face of daunting hurdles.

Creation date: 2014-11-11

64 Pages

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