Kofi Antubam and the Myth around Ghana's Presidential Seat

H. Nii Abbey

Studio Brian Communications

Kofi Antubam and the Myth around Ghana's Presidential Seat

The purpose of this book is non-political. It is purely for educational and hopefully for national and historic interest.
Looking at the trend of affairs in the creative arts in the country, and the way artists are disregarded by the Ghanaian society, I decided to write this book to show what artists in general are capable of doing; their role in the overall development of the nation and how some of the great artists of the past have not been given due recognition. One name that immediately comes into mind is the eminent painter/sculptor/designer, Kofi Antubam, a role model for creative artists.
This book is a legacy that art connoisseurs, art students, art historians and people who would love to know more about the values of Ghanaian art would find beneficial.

Creation date: 2014-07-02

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