Whippoorwill (The Whippoorwill Trilogy Book 1)

Sharon Sala


Whippoorwill (The Whippoorwill Trilogy Book 1)

Leticia Murphy never planned on becoming a saloon girl. But the Kansas Territories are a difficult place, and Lettie, orphaned at the age of twelve, had to do whatever it took to survive. When she comes to the rough-and-tumble town of Lizard Flats, she wants nothing more than a second chance--although she knows the likelihood of getting one is slim.

Until, that is, a stranger comes to Lizard Flats, a preacher from the East, arriving to perform a wedding. But the man of God isn't quite as holy as he seems. And when he turns up dead in Lettie's bed, it sets off a chain of events nobody could have predicted that will ultimately lead to change not just for Lizard Flats, but for Lettie herself.

The first in the best-selling Whippoorwill trilogy by renowned romance novelist Sharon Sala, Whippoorwill is sure to leave you spellbound and wanting more.

A best-selling series by renowned romance author Sharon Sala, the Whippoorwill trilogy tells the story of frontier saloon girl Leticia Murphy. Lettie always dreamed of a life of love and family, but when she was orphaned at the age of twelve, she had to do whatever it took to survive. Now, she's the only remaining saloon girl in the washed-up town of Lizard Flats, in the Kansas Territories.

Nothing much changes in Lizard Flats, until a stranger rolls into town. A series of unfortunate and hilarious events results in Lettie leaving town in the company of Eulis Potter, the town drunk and saloon handyman. But once away from the shadow of Lizard Flats, Lettie discovers hidden depths in Eulis, and finds herself much closer to her dreams of love than she ever could have realized.

Creation date: 2014-06-18

384 Pages

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Restricted to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Liberia, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania


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