The Taming of Annabelle (The Six Sisters Series, Vol. 2)

M.C. Beaton


The Taming of Annabelle (The Six Sisters Series, Vol. 2)

Miss Annabelle Armitage was pea-green with envy. What a cruel world it was when her spinster of an older sister could enchant the dashing Lord Sylvester Comfrey! Annabelle's own passionate nature was surely better suited for such a one as Sylvester.

Alas for Annabelle, Comfrey seemed to care for her not a jot. Determined to get a bit of her own back, even if it meant marrying another, Annabelle found Peter, Marquess of Brabington, a most attentive admirer.

War hero though he might be, Peter was ill-prepared for his coming fight for Annabel's true love -- and a battle it would be, winner take all ....

Creation date: 2014-06-18

192 Pages

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Restricted to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Liberia, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania


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