The Marquis Takes a Bride (The Changing Fortunes Series, Vol. 3)

M.C. Beaton


The Marquis Takes a Bride (The Changing Fortunes Series, Vol. 3)

Miss Jennie Bemyss was in a position that any intelligent young lady would envy.

The wealthy, worldly Marquis of Charrington proposed a marriage of convenience that would leave him free to pursue his pleasures, and leave Jennie free of his undoubtedly depraved desires.

At the same time, handsome charming Guy Chalmers, whom Jennie had loved since childhood, proposed to aid her in enjoying her freedom to the fullest.

Jennie should have felt relief at being left alone at last by a man whom she should properly despise. She should have felt even happier to be courted by a man whom she had so long adored.

Why, then, did she feel so confused?


Countesses, Marquises, Lords and Ladies, Viscounts and Princesses all meet in the Royal series where they at once both live and try to avoid lives of scandal and sin, where love - we pray - trumps all but revenge is sometimes the name of the game, especially if inheritance, notoriety and fortune are part of the hand. Here, many threads are skillfully interwoven in a highly entertaining series that never fails to please or fall short of its mark.

Creation date: 2014-06-18

208 Pages

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Restricted to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Liberia, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania


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