Maggie (The Ladies in Love Series, Vol. 6)

M.C. Beaton


Maggie (The Ladies in Love Series, Vol. 6)

Maggie Macleod was weary of life with a soul sickness that ate into every fiber of her being. In a mad way, it did not seem strange to her that she should be on the way to High Court to stand trial for the murder of her husband. Her marriage seemed to have been one long dreary desert lit by flares of cruelty.


In this whirlwind series, Marion Chesney brings us spirited, independent women who are at once bewitching, beguiling and determined to have their say and make their mark on both their world and the world at large, be it within their social circle or extending beyond. With their arms wide open, these women are absolutely original and unforgettable as are the tales in which they are featured. Here is life in all of its folly and foibles in a dizzying place where dreams are both shattered and made.

Creation date: 2014-06-18

192 Pages

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Restricted to Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Liberia, Malawi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania


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