The Blacks of Cape Town

C.A. Davis

Modjaji Books

The Blacks of Cape Town

Historian, Zara Black, is far from home, trying to come to terms with her family’s past. Subtly and astutely, C.A. Davids weaves a narrative that shifts between past and present and contemporary South African and American politics, to examine betrayal and displacement.

“The Blacks of Cape Town feels like something new in scope
and focus. In many ways, it is a breakthrough into previously
forbidden territory. A brave, understated exploration of an
uncomfortable reality.” – KELWYN SOLE, poet and Professor
of English at the University of Cape Town

“Narratively ambitious and stylistically supple, The Blacks of
Cape Town revisits the large themes of South African literature
with originality and flair”. – ISABEL HOFMEYR, Professor of
African Literature at the University of the Witwatersrand

Creation date: 2014-05-14

184 Pages

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