101 English Idioms Explained, Volume 4

George Standford

Praski Publishing

101 English Idioms Explained, Volume 4

In this book you will find 101 popular and commonly used English idioms.

They are clearly indexed in the table of contents with return links so it is easy for you to navigate and jump from one idiom to another without going through
the whole lot.

To make it 100% clear, this is NOT a book about the history and origin of idioms but it IS a book which introduces and explains when to use idioms for people learning English as a Foreign Language.

The text and explanations are written in such a way to make them accessible to Intermediate level students but will also be interesting and useful for more advanced learners of English.

Each entry gives a simple definition and explanation with entertaining and relevant examples.

Creation date: 2014-03-10

128 Pages

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