The Lost Herdsboy!

Okuse and his family lived next to a huge forest, he diligently worked on his farm every morning till evening. One day Okuse came across a strange bird that could perform actions that left man in awe. He took it home and his family had a constant supply of fine honey courtesy of the bird's song. During the weeding season Okuse accompanied by his wife left for their farm leaving Kalya in charge of his siblings, since children will always be children. The bird found a way to escape and Kalya followed it into the forest. In his attempt to catch the bird, Kalya gets lost and later find himself in the company of an old lady who offer to take him home where he lived with her sons who are Ogres. He becomes their herds boy. After a long period of time, Kalya finds his way home and he takes with him a huge herd of cattle that brought lots of change in his family.

Creation date: 2014-03-10

23 Pages


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