The man who loved mangoes

Asare Oppong

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The man who loved mangoes

Apaah, is a village about twenty miles from Kumasi, in the heart of the Ashanti region of Ghana in West Africa. In Apaah lives a man. He is a happy man, loved by his family and friends.

Recently, the man has been feeling unwell and decided to go for a medical check up. At the clinic, the doctor examined him and did some tests. The doctor told the man that he was overweight and on the verge of becoming obese. She also added that unless he changed his diet, ate more fresh fruit and vegetables, he could develop high blood pressure and diabetes, which can be very unpleasant illnesses indeed.

But, if he changed his diet and took regular exercise, then he would soon feel much better and reduce the chances of getting diabetes and high blood pressure.

From the next day onwards, the people of Apaah began reporting some very odd sightings around their village. Very early in the morning, before the cocks crowed, a man in brightly coloured shorts, wearing a Ghana 2008 headband and a “Daddy Lumba” tee-shirt was spotted all over the village. He was breathing hard, sweating and with a mixture of running, jogging, walking and staggering made his way around the village. He was a sight to behold ....

Creation date: 2014-03-10

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