Diary of a Double Life Teenager

Elsie Ntim-Duodu

Published by Author

Diary of a Double Life Teenager

Which teenager has not experienced adolescent angst - those strong feelings of anxiety and unhappiness especially as other make you feel you don't quite make the cut? Jasmeen wants to much to belong to the in-crowd at her school. The hitch is that those she admires don't want her because her physique is a minus against her. She bends over backwards to please them but do they appreciate her? Her cousin Latifa tried to dissuade her but how can she listen to her when even Jasmeen's own parents are singing Latifa's praise about how smart she is? Jasmeen pours out her heart into her diary about her battle with teenage insecurities, her efforts at trying to please and how she manages to "grow up."

Creation date: 2014-03-05

85 Pages


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