Kiswahili Mufti: Pupil's Book 6 (Darasa la Sita)

Bin Wallah Wallah

Longhorn Publishers

Kiswahili Mufti: Pupil's Book 6 (Darasa la Sita)

Because of logistical difficulties and high costs, many schools in developing countries do not have easy access to textbooks. Worldreader addresses that problem using e-reader technology. Worldreader works with textbook publishers across the developing world to offer a range of digital textbooks to schools as part of their wider goal to promote literacy by bringing books to all.

Because having books in one's mother tongue is an essential tool in teaching young children to read, Worldreader is dedicated to supporting the development of reading materials in a variety of local languages, including Kiswahili, Twi, Kinyarwanda, Dholuo, Gikuyu and many more.

The proceeds of this book directly contribute to realizing Worldreader's mission: Books for all! More information and ways to get involved at

Creation date: 2014-03-03

410 Pages


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