The Poring Dark

A collection of 60 tales set on various worlds of the multiverse (12 short stories, 24 SF poems, 24 flash fictions). In which Dennis M. Lane looks at what it means to be human in a variety of settings. A new collection with some works previously having been seen in "Star*Line", "Itch", "Probe" and "Eye to the Telescope" and heard on "StarShipSofa" and "Tales To Terrify".

If you could choose a new body, what would it be?

In a world where Hitler got the atom bomb, what would you change?

If everyone was telling you to stay at home, would you?

When crossing the road means death, how would you find food?

When the stew that you’re eating seems strange, dare you ask what’s in it?

When every camera is watching you, how do you get some privacy?

After paying your debt to society, why can’t they just let you die?

When the last soldier is leaving, should you give up your child to his care?

The multiverse branches; each new bubble pregnant with possibility, but, for all the differences, one thing remains constant; there are always decisions to be made...

Creation date: 2013-10-10

198 Pages

This book is no longer available for Worldreader BLUE Box.


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