The Baboon Who Went to the Moon

John Bush, JC Phillips

Storytime Africa

The Baboon Who Went to the Moon

One night, when the moon shone full in the sky, Baboon tried to jump there, he jumped so high,
But the moon is as high as high can be...Baboon soon realises that the moon is a lot further away than it seems. Undaunted, he remains steadfastly determined to get there. His antics make hilarious reading and portray just how far determination can take you. Our African animal story books are all beautifully illustrated bringing to life the vibrant rhythm and action of the stories in a way that children love. These funny animal stories are guaranteed to bring hours of pleasure and enjoyment to both children and their parents and are sure to become firm bed time story favourites. You’ll find some big words in our stories. Teachers have found young children using them correctly within days.

Creation date: 2013-07-31

33 Pages


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