The Pump Room

The Pump Room is a drama about the inter-section of the criminal and political worlds, the sexual and the ideological. It is a play about our reality but one which applies to many other societies that have experienced epochs in their history when a great idealism was shared by millions of people - only to see that energy corrupted and wasted. And yet, despite the cynicism engendered by such betrayal, it is a play about keeping faith and sustaining love.
The action of the play is the renewed confrontation, in the time of the New South Africa, between Peter, a very sensitive, moral man who has been brutalised, with Mike and Lombard, former Apartheid agents who had detained and tortured him. But the time of political activism is over – they are all now involved in drug dealing and salvaging some private life for themselves.
Elsie, a domestic worker, and Lewis, a pump room attendant, are lovers caught in the crossfire; Mumsie, Elsie’s friend, another domestic, is connected to both Peter and Lombard in very different, conflicting ways. The murder of a ‘postman’ carrying drugs brings them together in the pump room of a public swimming pool in Cape Town; over several consecutive hours on a hot summer’s evening, they play out the tensions and contradictions of their pasts and presents.

Creation date: 2013-07-19

79 Pages

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