Kuyanuka and other plays

Gha-Makhulu Diniso

Botsotso Publishing

Kuyanuka and other plays

Three ‘one man’ satires about life in Apartheid South Africa in English and tsotsi taal. "It is precisely because of his conscience and commitment to true freedom that Diniso remains an artist neglected in his own country. For his is not the advertising agency fantasy or Brand South Africa image of this country. Not for Diniso an endless theatrical sunset claue that guarantees happy musicals, so-called glitz and glamour, and extravagant escapism imported from abroad and peddled to the nouveaux riches and petite bourgeois of the New South Africa. Not for him complacency about the much lip-serviced Rainbow Nation, at least not while the stench of inequality not only persists but grows fouler by the day." --Darryl Accone

English and Isicamtho (Tsotsi Taal or Tsotsitaal)

Creation date: 2013-07-19

125 Pages

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