Streetwise is a story that will immediately engage your mind and emotions. Seven young Zimbabweans are abducted from a remote border village by a group of matsangaise.

They are then used as porters to carry booty to Mozambique. After several adventures which test their courage and endurance, they safely return home. Before very long, however, Tapiwa and Ben are sent to town to live with an uncle, but sadly, soon afterwards their widowed mother dies. If this were not trouble enough, their guardian uncle is jailed for illegally dealing in ivory and the young boys are forced into living on the street.

Patricia Chater vividly captures the adventure and adversities of street life and how one has to be ‘streetwise’ to survive.

Streetwise is a strong, well-written and exciting story that engages our sympathies and helps us to understand certain unpleasant realities from the perspective of two engaging and courageous young Zimbabweans.

Creation date: 2013-05-27

124 Pages

Restricted to Africa (Except Zimbabwe)


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