African Designs

Amma Kyerewaa

Amma Kyerewaa

African Designs

When you “have it all” and lose it through betrayal and deceit, what does it take to raise yourself up and have the courage to move forward?
In a world full of poverty, pain and despair -- can love, hope and integrity still triumph?

Spanning the continent from West to Southern Africa, African Designs is a contemporary African love story that will appeal to a wide audience in view of the recent interest in Africa generated by the FIFA 2010 World Cup and the increasing profile of African Fashion.

Araba, a determined seamstress from the West African city of Accra, faces challenging obstacles in both her personal and professional life as her journey from naïve seamstress to international designer unfolds. Against the odds, Araba remains true to her ideals as she crosses paths with Dumisani, the charismatic but enigmatic South African designer. The challenges they face in their personal and professional lives will resonate with the readers.

High fashion, international competitions, passion and the power of enduring love form the fabric of this novel. Woven into its seams are beautiful descriptions of the scenery and culinary delights of both West and Southern Africa.

This novel introduces the reader to facets of the rich cultural and musical heritage of Africa that are so frequently submerged amidst stories of poverty, greed, and bribery.
The infectious rhythms of Highlife music, and the intricate symbolism of Kente cloth, Adinkra patterns and exquisite Zulu beadwork, lend a vibrancy and immediacy -- providing the reader with a sensual feast. Introducing the reader to African designs past and present, this novel takes the reader on a journey that could change their lives.

African Designs is based on a manuscript that was commended by the judges of the fourth Bessie Head annual literature awards in Botswana.

Creation date: 2013-05-13

272 Pages

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