Echoes of Two Worlds

S Kiyeng

Kenya Literature Bureau

Echoes of Two Worlds

The story is about a young man, Kispang, who belongs to a semi-pastoral community. Belonging to a humble family he spends his time tending goats and generally helping his parents with their domestic chores. Later in life he is employed as a houseboy but falls out with his employer. Kipsang's life revolves around typical up-country situations. We read about hunting expeditions, initiation of young boys into manhood, courtship of adolescence, etc.

The narrative is simple, yet really captivating. Sometimes quite unintentionally humorous. The author is not pretentious about his characters. They are simple minded rural folk who blend in well with the setting of the story. Readers of all categories will enjoy this illuminating narrative, particularly those contemplating life's mysteries. They will not only find it appealing but also revealing.

Creation date: 2013-04-10

247 Pages


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