This Place I Call Home

Meg Vandermerwe

Modjaji Books

This Place I Call Home

Ten stories. Ten voices. Ten diverse perspectives of what home has meant to South Africans during our country’s challenging history. In this thought-provoking collection we are drawn into the lives of others. From an old widower who seems content but feels that his world is unravelling in the new South Africa, to an immigrant who has fled racial persecution in 1930s Europe and now finds himself on a barren sheep farm in the Karoo, to a Polokwane teacher confronted with the moral dilemma of xenophobia, This Place I Call Home, leaves the reader deeply aware of local realities. Even though these powerful stories are characterised by hardship and loss, one cannot help but emerge inspired by the tenacity of the human spirit and the resilience of South Africa’s people.

Creation date: 2013-02-26

110 Pages

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