Abraa Abraa? Yo! Ananse Kodi Ahorow Bi

Georgina Tweneboa Sah

Kasahorow Foundation

Abraa Abraa? Yo! Ananse Kodi Ahorow Bi

Worldreader proudly presents this Akan language book.

Because having books in one's mother tongue is an essential tool in teaching young children to read, Worldreader is dedicated to supporting the development of reading materials in a variety of local languages, including Kiswahili, Twi, Kinyarwanda, Dholuo, Gikuyu and many more.

The proceeds of this book directly contribute to realizing Worldreader's mission: Books for all! More information and ways to get involved at worldreader.org

Creation date: 2013-01-07

14 Pages

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