Fe-Vers: Feeling Verses for Teens (In-Versing Your Life)

Cynthia Gustavson

Blooming Twig Books LLC

Fe-Vers: Feeling Verses for Teens (In-Versing Your Life)

"Poetry is consistently used by children and teens to express deeply held feelings that are not allowed to come out any other way. The writing of poetry, so often relegated to the MUSE within us, is actually our unconscious understandings, coming out in the rhythm and music of words, especially in metaphor." From the Introduction to Fe-Vers. Fe-Vers: Feeling Verses for Teens, and its counterpart, Fe-Vers: Feeling Verses for Children, are two new workbooks from the pen of Cynthia Blomquist Gustavson, award-winning author of In-Versing Your Life. She has created a new world of poetry and exercises that can draw children and teens into a sphere of understanding. Gustavson, with her Fevers workbooks, has created a new method for working with children through poetry. Her own poetry inspires the children of abuse, neglect, depression, and angst to express themselves freely and clearly. Her own development, from barefooted country girl to successful businessperson, mother, poet and author, is the best example of her method's success. Perfect for therapists, parents, teachers and more! This is a guidebook to working with children that will throw new light on the entire practice of teaching and counseling! "If you could be anyone you wanted to be, would you live like a king, or fade into the background? Would you concentrate on being happy, or concentrate on knowing the truth? If you knew someone was being hurt, what would you do about it? Would you stay in the life you know or choose something totally different? If you flew away, where would you go?"

Creation date: 2012-11-13

104 Pages

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