The Path of the Eagle

It was love at first sight when Abraham Matela, a lively Christian, met Marian Homer, a stout, beautiful Muslim girl. A bitter-sweet love saga ensues, featuring cultural transgression, religious confrontation and a bandit attack, culminating in their marriage. But that was only the beginning...

During their idyllic honeymoon, a bomb explosion unexpectedly helps to shape the young family's future. Their country, Kafriqua, soon falls into political turmoil. Hon. Kamankura provides the ultimate moral test. Will they survive the onslaught of corrosive politics? Will Abraham and Marian escape the hangman's noose?

This is not a simple tale of romance. It is a serious African polemical statement regarding religious conflict, socio-political and cultural-economic turmoil. A must read for those interested in African political affairs.

Adapted from the back cover

Creation date: 2012-11-02

327 Pages


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