Book 07 - Fantastic Phonics - Pip The Pup (Fantastic Phonics Learn-to-Read program)

Jenny Cooper-Trent

Fantastic Phonics

Book 07 - Fantastic Phonics - Pip The Pup (Fantastic Phonics Learn-to-Read program)

Short Vowel – ‘i' as in 'pip'

Fantastic Phonics is a learn-to-read program is which is distributed freely through Amazon to under-privileged communities around the world. You can find more about the program and research at

See samples at

It is being used as part of the UNESCO "literacy push" in developing countries, and forms part of the "Early Grade Reading Assessment" program (EGRA).

Fantastic Phonics is a phonics program, which is 15 years old. It has been refined and researched continuously by governments. Recently, USAID (the main funding arm of the US Government) researched Fantastic Phonics in 700 schools in Liberia.

They found that the average child improved their reading by 400%, and that in the most important criteria, their ability to decode and read previously unseen sentences was improved by more than 800%

The improvements are so large, they almost seem impossible.

But they aren't - in 2012 Liberia expanded its use of Fantastic Phonics from 700 schools to 2300. Also in 2012, Rwanda has adopted the program to 2700 schools. This reflects the confidence that both governments and aid agencies have in Fantastic Phonics.

Fantastic Phonics is a program of 60 books which covers all the elements of reading, and achieves independent reading at the program completion. The program start "at the beginning", and assumes no knowledge of reading. It is culturally neutral and involves humorous stories which children enjoy.

We hope you can support this program. In Amazon, it is given away to developing communities, on Kindle donated by

You can learn more about Fantastic Phonics and the latest Government research at

Creation date: 2012-10-16

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