Tweenie Genie: Genie in Charge

Meredith Badger

Hardie Grant Egmont

Tweenie Genie: Genie in Charge

A fantastic genie myth-debunking series from Go Girl author Meredith Badger. Everyone knows that genies can only grant wishes, not make them, right? Well, not quite... When Poppy graduates from her final stage of genie training, she’ll be allowed to make one special wish – for her job after Genie High. She already knows exactly what she wants: to work in the stables with all the magic carpets! The only problem is that before she can graduate, Poppy has to mentor a Stage Two genie called Aggi. Aggi is the strangest genie Poppy’s ever met – she’s rude, she hates being a genie, and she thinks riding magic carpets is stupid. If Aggi doesn’t start behaving like a proper genie, Poppy might never get her wish!

Creation date: 2012-10-09

171 Pages

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