Daughter of My People, Sing!

Micere Githae Mugo

Kenya Literature Bureau

Daughter of My People, Sing!

"By breaking away from the Conventional Western Poetic form, Micere makes poetry a more accessible and meaningful genre. Like Okot P'bitek, she adopts a native idiom to articulate the goal of self-determination in an environment that has hitherto suffered cultural subjugation. Through varied rhythms, characteristic wit, sharp satire and occasional humor, Micere manages to sound with emotive persuasion, the fundamental dimensions of human existence." (Adapted from back cover)

Worldreader proudly presents this ebook from Kenyan poet Micere Githae Mugo in a new series of children’s and young adult books from the developing world. Worldreader is a non-profit organization committed to delivering digital books to children and families in the developing world using e-book technology. By purchasing this book you directly contribute to this effort by helping fund school literacy programs, and promote the writing and publication of great books from local authors everywhere.

Creation date: 2012-10-09

87 Pages


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