Fine Boys

Warri, October 1992: Sick of watching his parents fight, 16-year-old Ewaen is waiting for university to begin, waiting for something to happen. Months later, Ewaen and friends are finally enrolled as freshmen at the University of Benin. Their routine now consists of hanging out in a parking lot trading jibes, chasing girls and sex, and learning to manage the staff strikes and crumbling infrastructure.

But Nigerian campuses in the 1990s can be dangerous places, too. Violent confraternities stake territories and stalk for new recruits. An incident of petty crime snowballs into tragedy...

Fine Boys is Eghosa Imasuen’s second novel. In the witty, colloquial style, fast becoming his trademark, Imasuen presents everyday Nigerian life against the backdrop of the pro-democracy riots of the '80s and '90s, the lost hopes of June 12 1993, and the terror of the Abacha years.

Creation date: 2012-09-28

274 Pages

Restricted to Anglophone West Africa


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