Grandmother's Winning Smile

Stanley Gazemba

Imbada Publishers

Grandmother's Winning Smile

When Kinuthia_s father sold the family cow and deserted them to look for a job in the city Kinuthia thought that all his hopes for an education and a bright future had come crashing down. That is because the cow had been the family_s sole income earner. Now he was stuck with only his ageing grandmother for a relative. The only option left was to drop out of school and join the work-gangs in search of a job at the flower farm that had recently opened in the village.But then Kinuthia_s grandmother had other plans for her only grandson. Grandmother_s Winning Smile is the story of this brave old woman who, though penniless, was gifted with amazing cunning and wit, and whose stubborn pride wouldn_t allow her to let Kinuthia join the work-gangs.

Creation date: 2012-09-02

98 Pages

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