How Bees Learnt to Make Honey and other stories

Henry Mugambi

The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation

How Bees Learnt to Make Honey and other stories

In this basic-level bestiary, readers learn moral lessons from memorable animal characters.

Bee and Beetle are sisters. They like staying with their grandmother. She tells them many stories. Which of the sisters is more hardworking and obedient? How does Grandmother reward them?

Njeru The Father of All Cows
This is a story of three bulls that lived together. They were great friends, but they were not united. They betrayed one another. Which bull was selfish? How did Njeru survive?

The Frog and the Chameleon
One day these two great friends entered a competition to marry a beautiful girl. Who was jealous? Who won the bride?

Creation date: 2012-09-02

27 Pages


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