The Gut’n’Butt Clinic and other stories

Hilda Pillay

Jetstone Publishers

The Gut’n’Butt Clinic and other stories

This delightful book of humorous short stories for children explores themes of travel, wildlife conservation and culture. It is lovingly illustrated throughout, with many drawings by three talented artists.

Grandpa Tom loves tasting local delicacies as he travels the world as Captain of the high seas. In Malaysia, he gets ill by eating something strange, which takes him to see Dr Ribu, who gives him an unusual cure at The Gut’n’Butt Clinic.

Finley and Rosy visit Grandpa Tom and tell him the tale of a Monkey Heist in which Aris is whisked off into the jungle. He meets the Monkey Lord, who tells him of the monkeys’ disappearing habitat.

Rosy shares news of Igor’s Unforgettable Day, not just for him but for everybody. Finley remembers kooky Mr McMeasure’s classroom, where everything has to be tidy ... until the new Drama teacher comes along.

Salty Smokeless wants to be a fire-breathing dragon. In pursuit of his dream, Salty gets more than he bargained for when he is caught up with a circus crowd that puts him in danger.

Mila discovers that The Legend of the Fire Dragons on Pulau Naga, where her mother works in turtle conservation, turns out to be true. Mila’s adventures after this discovery are not just fun but help stop the turtle poachers.

Creation date: 2020-06-11


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