The Lake Goddess

Flora Nwapa

Tana Press

The Lake Goddess

In Flora Nwapa's last novel, the author demonstrates the ultimate power of Ogbuide. Ona, a priestess, chosen by Ogbuide upon her birth, is empowered with the gift of prophecy, healing and wish fulfillment, as she conducts her rituals for her worshippers, and communicates with Ogbuide. The conflict elevates as Ona's Christian parents, Mgbada and Akpe, reject the call of the water monarch, Ezemiri, and subsequently send their daughter to a local missionary school. When they fail to initiate her into church, they approve of her marriage to Mr. Sylveser Chukwukere, a successful, traveling pharmaceutical salesman, with the hope of breaking her attachment to Ezemiri.

Creation date: 2019-09-09

Restricted to Africa


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