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Kofi Has MalariaKofi Has Malaria2012-09-02B01JMHJZ7ASam-Woode Ltd.HealthEnglishLevel CGhanaPaid
Kofi in the Dentist's ChairKofi in the Dentist's Chair2012-09-02B01JMCEY8UAfram Publications (Ghana) Limited HealthEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Sports DaySports Day2012-09-02B01JMHJZUWSam-Woode Ltd.SportsEnglishLevel CGhanaPaid
Ananse and the Food PotAnanse and the Food Pot2012-09-02B01JMK9YX2Smartline PublishingFolkloreEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Ananse and the Pot of WisdomAnanse and the Pot of Wisdom2012-09-02B01JMK9YVOSmartline PublishingFolkloreEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Champion RunnerChampion Runner2012-09-02B01JMKA21ASmartline PublishingSportsEnglishLevel CGhanaPaid
Recipe for Light SoupRecipe for Light Soup2012-09-02B01JMKA16GSmartline PublishingCookingEnglishLevel CGhanaPaid
Noma's Sand: A Tale from LesothoNoma's Sand: A Tale from Lesotho2012-09-02B01JMKBXMMSub-Saharan PublishersFolkloreEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Sosu's CallSosu's Call2012-09-02B01JMKBXQ8Sub-Saharan PublishersLiterary FictionEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
The Blue MarbleThe Blue Marble2012-09-02B01JMKBZ9SSub-Saharan PublishersLiterary FictionEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Where have all the rivers gone?Where have all the rivers gone?2012-09-02B01JMKC0EMSub-Saharan PublishersEnvironmental StudiesEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
A Wish Comes TrueA Wish Comes True2012-09-02B01JMCET8UAdwinsa Publications GhanaFolkloreEnglishLevel CGhanaPaid
Ancient Greek Stories - About Africa, (for the African Child)Ancient Greek Stories - About Africa, (for the African Child)2012-09-02B01JMCET80Adwinsa Publications GhanaFolkloreEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Kidnappers in ActionKidnappers in Action2012-09-02B01JMCET76Adwinsa Publications GhanaAction and AdventureEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
My Brother the FootballerMy Brother the Footballer2012-09-02B01JMEDAKGEPP Books ServicesComing of AgeEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Thrice Eating KeleweleThrice Eating Kelewele2012-09-02B01JMCEU0WAdwinsa Publications GhanaSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Beem Explores AfricaBeem Explores Africa2012-10-16B01CLHC034Farafina Tuuti (Kachifo Limited)Action and AdventureEnglishLevel DNigeriaPaid
Mimi MysteryMimi Mystery2012-12-07B01JMKBXR2Sub-Saharan PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Tatale the PeacemakerTatale the Peacemaker2012-12-10B01C8SRP54Afram Publications (Ghana) Limited Coming of AgeEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
The Mistaken IdentityThe Mistaken Identity2013-01-09B01JMCEYQWAfram Publications (Ghana) Limited Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Guide to Good MannersGuide to Good Manners2013-04-24B00CUAIT56Adaex Educational PublicationsSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
How to Get Along With OthersHow to Get Along With Others2013-04-24B018Y262GGAdaex Educational PublicationsSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Kwaku Addo Watches the MoonKwaku Addo Watches the Moon2013-04-24B018Y261EEAdaex Educational PublicationsEnvironmental StudiesEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
The Proud Sales GirlThe Proud Sales Girl2013-04-26B018Y2621QAdaex Educational PublicationsBeginning ReadersEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
How Aba Caught a ThiefHow Aba Caught a Thief2013-05-29B01C8SRP5EAfram Publications (Ghana) Limited MysteryEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Nature Stories: Crossing River Kulga and Other StoriesNature Stories: Crossing River Kulga and Other Stories2013-05-29B01C8SRP5OAfram Publications (Ghana) Limited Short StoriesEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Portia's Story: Patience in Our LivesPortia's Story: Patience in Our Lives2013-09-19B01CLHCLA6EPP Books ServicesGeneralEnglishLevel DGhanaPaidStatus
The Village DancerThe Village Dancer2013-09-19B01CLHCL8IEPP Books ServicesGeneralEnglishLevel DGhanaPaidStatus
AyishaAyisha2013-11-08B01JMKC1MIStep PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Studying at Home Studying at Home 2013-11-11B01JMKC32GStep PublishersBeginning ReadersEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Hyena and the Rabbit and Other StoriesHyena and the Rabbit and Other Stories2014-01-30B01JMKE1IUThe International School of Art, Business, and TechnologyShort StoriesEnglishLevel DUnited StatesPaid
La Manie de ManguesLa Manie de Mangues2014-05-14B01C8XEK2UAmerican University NigeriaBeginning ReadersFrenchLevel CNigeriaDonatedAlso on Mobile
Fatima Waawi LimngalFatima Waawi Limngal2014-05-14B01C8XEK7KAmerican University NigeriaBeginning ReadersIgboLevel CNigeriaDonatedAlso on Mobile
Miss Betsy Danced BataMiss Betsy Danced Bata2014-05-21B01JMHKWG8Rasmed Publications Ltd.Beginning ReadersEnglishLevel CNigeriaPaid
Mosun's HabitMosun's Habit2014-05-21B01CLHEZXMRasmed Publications Ltd.Beginning ReadersEnglishLevel CNigeriaPaid
Yiyi Ge Dze vudo Me (Kwaku Ananse in the Well) (Ewe)Yiyi Ge Dze vudo Me (Kwaku Ananse in the Well) (Ewe)2015-09-08B01CUXLGH0Adwinsa Publications GhanaGeneralEweLevel DGhanaPaid
Afua Ne Koraa Nwanwasono Bi (Afua and the Magic Calabash) (Asante Twi)Afua Ne Koraa Nwanwasono Bi (Afua and the Magic Calabash) (Asante Twi)2015-09-09B01CUXLDNWAdwinsa Publications GhanaLanguage LearningAsante TwiLevel DGhanaPaid
Yεn Asetena Mu Ahiadeε Ahodoↄ (Asante Twi)Yεn Asetena Mu Ahiadeε Ahodoↄ (Asante Twi)2015-10-01B01CUXL8G4Adaex Educational PublicationsLevelled ReadersAsante TwiLevel DGhanaPaid
Ada Marries a Palm Tree and Other StoriesAda Marries a Palm Tree and Other Stories2015-10-01B01CUXL81EBulkybon PublicationsShort StoriesEnglishLevel DNigeriaPaid
Ola & Bisi Adventures of Health: Eat Healthy and Be SmartOla & Bisi Adventures of Health: Eat Healthy and Be Smart2015-10-27B01CUXLG0CParrésia Publishers Ltd.HealthEnglishLevel DNigeriaPaid
Balla and His SonsBalla and His Sons2015-12-24B01CUXLLCARasmed Publications Ltd.Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel DNigeriaPaid
Hassan and the Stubborn BullHassan and the Stubborn Bull2015-12-24B01CUXLLB6Rasmed Publications Ltd.Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel DNigeriaPaid
The Missing CowsThe Missing Cows2015-12-24B01CUXLLV6Rasmed Publications Ltd.Action and AdventureEnglishLevel DNigeriaPaid
RewardReward2015-12-24B01CUXLLRKRasmed Publications Ltd.Social-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel DNigeriaPaid
The Baobab Tree of SalagaThe Baobab Tree of Salaga2016-01-14B01CUXLBLQAfram Publications (Ghana) Limited HistoryEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
The Busy BeesThe Busy Bees2016-01-14B01CUXLBMKAfram Publications (Ghana) Limited EnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Usman AdamsUsman Adams2016-03-18B018Y261NKAdaex Educational PublicationsLevelled ReadersEnglishLevel CGhanaPaid