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 TitleCreation dateASINPublisherGenreLanguageLevelCountry (Publisher)ModelOther Platforms
A Woman in Her PrimeA Woman in Her Prime2013-04-24B018Y261EYAdaex Educational PublicationsSelf-HelpEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Akosua's GiftAkosua's Gift2013-07-05B01CLHC2CIOsu Children's LibraryComing of AgeEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
At All CostAt All Cost2014-05-21B01CLHEZFURasmed Publications Ltd.Beginning ReadersEnglishLevel DNigeriaPaid
AyishaAyisha2013-11-08B01JMKC1MIStep PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Blossoms of the SavannahBlossoms of the Savannah2012-12-11B01CLHD76ILonghorn PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel FKenyaPaid
Broken Promises (Harmony High Book 1)Broken Promises (Harmony High Book 1)2016-04-05B00CFRBYK6Cover2CoverRomanceEnglishLevel FSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Daughter of My People, Sing!Daughter of My People, Sing!2012-10-09B01CLHDIYOKenya Literature BureauPoetryEnglishLevel GKenyaPaid
Fatuma's New ClothFatuma's New Cloth2012-09-02B01JMNW3HIPublished by AuthorSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel CUnited StatesDonated
Fractured LivesFractured Lives2013-02-26B01CLHCLPGModjaji BooksBiographies & MemoirsEnglishLevel GSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Freshers' WelcomeFreshers' Welcome2012-09-02B01JMEDA74EPP Books ServicesComing of AgeEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Girl on the EdgeGirl on the Edge2016-04-05B00R1B0LSWFace2Face (Cover2Cover)Coming of AgeEnglishLevel GSouth AfricaPaid
Let Her BeLet Her Be2014-03-07B01JMEDK3SKenya Literature BureauAction and AdventureEnglishLevel EKenyaPaid
Let Me Tell You : Kenyan Coastal Girls Talk about Love, School, Sex and FootballLet Me Tell You : Kenyan Coastal Girls Talk about Love, School, Sex and Football2012-09-02B01JMKB0QGStorymojaSelf-HelpEnglishLevel FKenyaPaid
Little Thithinda and the Wind GameLittle Thithinda and the Wind Game2013-05-31B01JMKB0HKStorymojaFaith-based and InspirationalEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
Love InterruptedLove Interrupted2013-02-26B01CLHCM7SModjaji BooksGeneralEnglishLevel GSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Malaika and the WheelchairMalaika and the Wheelchair2012-09-02B01JMHK8MGLonghorn PublishersSocial-Emotional Learning (SEL)EnglishLevel EKenyaPaid
Mimi MysteryMimi Mystery2012-12-07B01JMKBXR2Sub-Saharan PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
My First Time: Stories of Sex and Sexuality from Women like YouMy First Time: Stories of Sex and Sexuality from Women like You2013-04-11B01CLHCLTCModjaji BooksSelf-HelpEnglishLevel FSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Nala's Great EscapeNala's Great Escape2012-11-02B01JMKFD82The Jomo Kenyatta FoundationLiterary FictionEnglishLevel DKenyaPaid
Naomi the Detective Naomi the Detective 2014-03-07B01JMEDON4Kenya Literature BureauMysteryEnglishLevel EKenyaPaid
No Empty DreamNo Empty Dream2012-09-02B01JMCEY76Afram Publications (Ghana) Limited Coming of AgeEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Portia's Story: Patience in Our LivesPortia's Story: Patience in Our Lives2013-09-19B01CLHCLA6EPP Books ServicesGeneralEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Reclaiming the L-Word: Sappho's Daughters Out in AfricaReclaiming the L-Word: Sappho's Daughters Out in Africa2013-02-26B01CLHCMCSModjaji BooksShort StoriesEnglishLevel GSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
Serwah: The Saga of an African PrincessSerwah: The Saga of an African Princess2014-12-02B01JMCEY80Afram Publications (Ghana) Limited RomanceEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
Stories Auntie Serwah ToldStories Auntie Serwah Told2013-11-11B01JMKC326Step PublishersBeginning ReadersEnglishLevel DGhanaPaidAlso on Mobile
TalatuTalatu2013-10-10B00BXFSAZITerran Dream ArchiveAction and AdventureEnglishLevel FSouth AfricaPaid
Tale of TamariTale of Tamari2013-05-27B01JMKBRNWWeaver PressComing of AgeEnglishLevel EZimbabwePaidAlso on Mobile
Team TrinityTeam Trinity2013-02-26B01CLHCLLKModjaji BooksMysteryEnglishLevel FSouth AfricaPaidAlso on Mobile
The Girl With the Magic HandsThe Girl With the Magic Hands2013-01-21B01JMNW3OGWorldreaderFantasyEnglishLevel FUnited StatesDonated
The Great GirlThe Great Girl2012-09-02B01JMHKC6ILonghorn PublishersComing of AgeEnglishLevel CKenyaPaid
The Narrow PathThe Narrow Path2013-04-24B018Y2627KAdaex Educational PublicationsLiterary FictionEnglishLevel FGhanaPaid
The River and The SourceThe River and The Source2013-09-17B01CLHC3KYFocus Publishers Ltd.GeneralEnglishLevel FKenyaPaid
The Sultan's DaughterThe Sultan's Daughter2012-09-02B01JMEDAMYEPP Books ServicesLiterary FictionEnglishLevel EGhanaPaid
The Village DancerThe Village Dancer2013-09-19B01CLHCL8IEPP Books ServicesGeneralEnglishLevel DGhanaPaid
Yennenga the Dagomba PrincessYennenga the Dagomba Princess2015-06-05B01JMKC0ISSub-Saharan PublishersAction and AdventureEnglishLevel DGhanaPaidAlso on Mobile